Google Fake News Detection, Alert

If it fails to provide you with relevant results for your search, Google will send you an alert.
Google wants to prevent the spread of Fake News, and they developed a new Search feature called About this Result, this is the first step towards detecting misleading news.

When you search for something without verifying the facts, Google will send a warning that your search is not relevant and that it is most likely untrue news or an unreliable source of information.
There are many unproven claims and there are a large number of opinions about them, which often change.

When a new topic appears, Google will immediately notify you that the facts about it have not been verified and will send you a warning not to take everything for granted.

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Here is a good Chrome extension for the prevention of fake news: FakerFact: Fake News Detection

This extension will open up a new tab on to check your current tab’s content for indications of fake news.

Source: CNET

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