Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death is now Black Screen of Death in Windows 11

The famous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will change to a Black Screen of Death in a new version of Microsoft’s operating system Windows 11.

The update has not yet fully implemented but will be used in a fully-functional version of Windows 11.

This is the most radical Blue Screen of Death change since the introduction of the sad smiley in Windows 8 in 2012 and QR codes in 2016.

First introduced in Windows 3.0, Blue Screen of Death has helped IT professionals and support teams diagnose hardware and memory errors.

The BSOD typically occurs in the event of a critical error, including the OS kernel, and contains information to help system administrators understand what problem is causing the interference.

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Although the company will use a “black screen of death” in Windows 11, everything else should remain as it is in Windows 10, including sad smilies, QR code, and other information – users will not have to change another abbreviation BSOD (Blue – Black).

The new version of Windows designed for preview the “death screen” is green.

Microsoft has been using this option in Windows Insider members since 2016 or beta users with a simpler vocabulary.

Windows 11 Black Screen of Death – Updated BSOD!

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