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Fan theories about the “Squid Game” series

The series “Squid Game”, a South Korean drama produced by Netflix, gained huge popularity thanks to an incredible cast and an interesting plot. The store follows a group of individuals, all of whom are in debt, and agree to take part in an unusual challenge, in order to win 38 million dollars. The challenge consists of six Korean children’s games, However, participation has literally deadly consequences.

The game starts with 456 players, but by the end of the sixth challenge, only one remains.

Squid Game VIP Map selection

One of the first theories on TikTok is related to maps. At the beginning of the drama, when Seong Gi-hun plays a Ddakji cards game with the dealer, he chooses the blue one. Many fans think that if you choose blue, then you are a player, and if you take red, you will be a guard.

Netflix Squid Game _Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun
Squid Game Seong Gi-hun (source: Netflix)

The old man

At one point, Gi-hun meets an old man sitting in front of the store, and their meeting seems somehow fateful. As the old man is rich, he would not be in that district, unless he is looking for a specific person – someone like Gi-hun. Also, when he tells the old man that he was often beaten as a child, he replies that he is also his son. And that was enough for some fans to think that the old man was actually Gi-hun’s father. Although this theory is a bit “stretched”, there is no reason to immediately reject it, given all the unexpected complications throughout the first season.

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Squid Game Guards

Some viewers swear that the “guards” are actually criminals and convicts. They work for a salary, but they seem to like the players playing the game. And because the game is a secret, the guards may be criminals in hiding, who may need protection, time, or money.

Netflix Squid Game (source: Netflix)

Seong Gi-hun Stepfather

Other fans think that Gi-hun’s daughter’s stepfather is connected to the game. When Gi-hun goes to visit his daughter, her stepfather tells him that the family will soon move to America. When Frontman talks on the phone, he always speaks English, although some VIPs come from other countries as well. Since the stepfather does not give a reason to move to the United States, some viewers suspect that he is connected to the games, that he may be taking them to America.

Squid Game Cho Sang-woo (source: Netflix)

Who is the Frontman in Squid Game?

There is also the idea on the networks that Frontman tried to expose the games as Gi-hun, but when he failed, he remained trapped in an unstoppable circle. It comes from the fact that, when Frontman sees the death of his brother, it is clear that he cares for him. The frontman, as the winner of the games in 2105, knows a lot about them. So it is possible that he tried to expose them, but that he was caught and forced to actually become a “screw in the machine”, to recruit new players in exchange for the safety of his family.

squid game most watched netflix tv show
Squid Game guards (source: Netflix)

Is policeman Hwang Jun-ho still alive?

Is he dead or not? Many saw his death as completely unjust, considering all his work, sacrifice, and everything he learned. Some fans are hoping that Frontman secretly saved him. But, on the other hand, his death may indicate that any attempt to expose the games in advance is in vain.


Gong Yoo the Salesman

Some think that Gi-hun is the old man’s son. The other is the seller, who takes over and continues the game. Since Gi-hun is such an important character, viewers think that the chances are small that the salesman just dragged him into the game. He may have a role in the “bigger picture”, and some speculate that he is the old man’s son who will take over the games.

"Squid Game" Netflix series scene
Squid Game guards (source: Netflix)

Why Does Gi-hun Dye His Hair Red

At the very end of the season, Gi-hun has red hair, which was enough for a number of fans to think that he might want to return to the game, and it is finally a revelation, this time as a guard.

Squid Game VIP

VIPs obviously know a lot about games and everyone seems very excited about them. The excitement may come from the fact that they used to be part of the challenge themselves. Maybe because they were the winners? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Top 10 Fan Theories About Squid Game

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