Contraception and contraceptive methods

What is contraception and contraceptive methods

What is contraception

Many young people who are just having sex for the first time sometimes do not think about protecting themselves and their partner, in order to prevent potential pregnancy, but also not to transmit sexually transmitted diseases, if you sleep with someone you do not know or are just met at a club or party. Contraception is very important in sex and must always be used if of course you do not want to get pregnant.

There are a variety of contraceptive methods that you can use, and they vary depending on what suits you best and the other person, and how it is most practical for you. Through this article we will tell you all about which contraceptive methods exist, how to use contraception depending on which method you use, and we will also tell you why it is important to use protection during sex. It is very important that you are well informed about such things before embarking on a passion with your partner.

What types of contraception and contraceptive methods exist

There are various contraceptive methods (such as birth control pills) that can be used to prevent pregnancy during intimate intercourse. It is very important to use it contraception during intercourse, not only to prevent pregnancy but also not to transmit sexually transmitted diseases. One of the methods of contraception is abstinence, ie abstinence from intimate relations, which can be used when a woman is ovulating and then fertile, so this is the most natural method of contraception, as well as the method of interrupted intercourse. The most common contraception of all is the use of condoms, and in addition to male condoms, there is also a female version called femidom.

Contraception and contraceptive methods
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For women, there are also hormone pills that will help prevent unwanted pregnancies. You can also insert a diaphragm or spiral into the uterus that lasts a long time and allows you to have normal sex with your partner without fear of pregnancy. But the downside with them is that it does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, and is recommended for people who are already in a relationship or marriage. Permanent options are sterilization for you, but this is only for people who do not want to have children, or have more children. For those who happen to have unprotected sex and a woman fears she may be pregnant or even is, there is a birth control pills for the day after to terminate the pregnancy immediately.

How to use contraception

Of all the types of contraception that exist, condoms are the most commonly used by men. It is very easy to use, and all you have to do is take it out of the package and put it properly over the raised penis. Female condoms are a bit less popular, but there are still women who like to use this here and there. It is a bit more complicated to put on as it has to be inserted inside to cover the uterus, but through practice it can be perfected. The diaphragm and IUD are performed as a procedure by a gynecologist, but it is a very quick and short procedure and does not hurt at all.

Likewise, sterilization is performed by a doctor if you opt for this permanent form contraception. Hormone pills can be obtained with a prescription from a pharmacy, as recommended by your doctor, which she considers best for you. Natural contraceptive methods, such as adhering to a menstrual calendar or measuring your temperature, are easy to use, and you have many applications that can help you with that. The method of interrupting intercourse is performed so that when you feel that you are going to ejaculate, at that moment you remove the penis from the vagina.

There are many different methods of birth control including condoms etc: 

Birth Control methods:

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