How to cook semolina in water and milk

How to cook Semolina Porridge in water and milk

How to cook Semolina Porridge and what is semolina

Almost most of us remember this dish from childhood when our moms and grandmas prepared the finest treat we loved to eat with a little sprinkled cocoa. Now you have remembered that dish and you need to remember how to cook Semolina Porridge that delicious dish. Do you even know what semolina is, do you know that it is a coarsely ground cereal and that it does not have to be wheat cereal, but that today it can be found in semolina stores from other types of cereals such as rice semolina, corn semolina, buckwheat and feasts.

To understand how to cook Semolina Porridge you should know that it is semolina, in fact coarsely ground cereals whose granules are larger than flour and are usually 0.3 to 1 millimeter in size of granules. These tiny granules are boiled in milk but can also be boiled in water until they soften and become a creamy treat of great nutritional value like any cereal. With toppings like grated dark chocolate and some dried fruit can be a delicious meal full of healthy ingredients.

How to cook Semolina Porridge in water or milk

If you are lactose intolerant and love semolina, you are probably wondering how to cook semolina in water and whether it will be as tasty as when cooked in milk. Semolina Porridge cooked in water really tastes a little different than when cooked with milk, but you can usually replace cow’s milk with other types of milk that do not contain lactose.

How to cook semolina in water and milk
How to cook Semolina Porridge in water or milk (source: Pinterest)

Rice milk, coconut milk are a good substitute for cow’s or goat’s or sheep’s milk that contain lactose because they are milk of animal origin and can be used to cook semolina. How to cook Semolina Porridge on rice milk, simply, in the same way as you would with water or milk.

Put water or the type of milk that suits you in the bowl and add half a cup of semolina a moment before boiling, stirring if you want thicker semolina, and if you want thinner semolina add a smaller amount of semolina, don’t forget to add a little salt and a spoonful of sugar. Stir constantly over low heat to break up lumps, your semolina will be heat-treated for a few minutes. Make sure that the heat source is not too strong, because the semolina will get on the bottom of the pot and get a burnt taste. So a few minutes of mixing and the semolina is ready for a meal.

How to cook Semolina Porridge and what foods to add

You already know how to cook semolina because the process is very quick and very simple, but choosing foods that you can add to semolina or sprinkle semolina is not easy because you can really add a large selection of foods to this dish.

Grated dark chocolate or a little cocoa can usually be added to the semolina. But dried fruit cut into small pieces or blended together with semolina will give a special aroma and color to your semolina. Instead of blending, you can sprinkle dried, but also frozen or fresh fruit on the bite. It all depends on what you like and what flavors you like. Bananas that have their sweetness are a great addition to the process how to cook Semolina Porridge prepare a great meal or snack.

Children really like semolina with all the accessories you can put on the semolina, they will even prefer semolina if you put colorful fruits of different colors on it. Make sure you add a different fruit each time and you will make sure that the child eats a meal without you even blinking, and you will be happy to join your child in that meal.

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