How to Stop Milk From Boiling Over

Nobody likes the smell of burnt milk after it boils over on the stovetop.

When you cook steel-cut Oats that are not processed it takes much longer than the processed ones, and you need to spend almost the whole time (at least 15 minutes) watching it over so it doesn’t boil over.

I found these tricks very useful when cooking oatmeal and other meals with boiled milk.

Organic steel-cut Oats (source AZ World News)
Organic steel-cut Oats

 to Stop Milk from Boiling Over

This is the best device to stop milk from boiling over from my experience.

The first way: Egg Wisk is gonna do the job, just put it inside of a pot with milk and it will prevent milk from boiling over, plus you can use it to stir Oatmeal, etc.

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 Egg Wisk Device to Stop Milk Boiling Over (source AZ World News)
Egg Wisk Device to Stop Milk Boiling Over

The second way: Put a Wooden Spatula on the top of a pot of milk, and it will certainly not boil.

Wooden spatula to Stop Milk Boiling Over (source AZ World News)
Wooden spatula to Stop Milk Boiling Over

The third way: Rub the ends of the pot with Oil or Butter.

There will be no more dirty stove and unpleasant smell if you use these tricks. Happy cooking!

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How to Prevent Milk From Boiling Over | Unbelievable Kitchen Tips and Tricks

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