How to darken the skin

How to darken the skin

How to darken the skin and preserve its health

One of the best ways to do that how to darken the skin is a spray tan technique. Spray tan is safe for your skin and generally does not endanger your health. Spray tan is a technique of applying a certain color that resembles skin pigment by spraying, after applying for 24 hours it is not recommended to shower or wash your hands so as not to remove the spray paint that will develop and thus cause lack of color on certain parts of the body.

If you are interested in applying a spray tan, look for a beauty salon that offers such a service. Don’t rush and agree to a spray tan treatment in the first salon you see, inquire in advance about the experiences of your acquaintances, friends and acquaintances in order to choose the best possible beauty salon.

Also, if the beauty salon has its own website or on one of the social networks, you can look for reviews and experiences that some people have had with spray tan and generally the service they provide in this or other specific salons. After finding a good beauty salon for this treatment, after arranging an appointment, talk to a beautician about how to prepare the skin before the treatment. Skin preparation is very important when applying a spray tan or any lotion or self-tanning agent, in fact in any way to darken the skin, because it depends on how this pigment will develop on the skin.

How to darken the skin
How to darken the skin (source: Pinterest)


How to darken the skin and how to prepare the skin for it

Before you find a way to darken your skin, the best skin preparation is a nourishing peel to remove dead skin cells. Peeling regenerates your skin in such a way that all skin cells that are on the surface and accumulate and prevent the best possible reception of color and complexion on the skin. Newer skin cells located below tend to better accept the pigment on the skin, making it easier to darken the skin.

And so before every visit to the beauty salon, before applying spray tan, cream, oil or foam, self-tanning mousse, sunbathing and the like how to darken the skin. Try to avoid going to the solarium and excessive sun exposure to darken your skin. This method is not at all healthy or safe for you and the health of your skin. These two ways of tanning the skin, by exposure to UV rays, most often lead to the development of skin cancer.

Keep in mind that exposure to UVA and UVB rays should never be applied without SPF applied, no less than SPF 30 to your skin. The safest ways to achieve dark skin and avoid skin cancer are spray tan and self-tanning. You can apply self-tanning products yourself or with the help of another person at home.

How to darken the skin and how to maintain it

Once you learn the best ways to darken your skin and prepare it for a darkening treatment, you need to keep in mind that you should maintain your skin afterwards to keep the desired pigment for as long as possible. After the self-tanning products or spray tan make their own and the desired color appears on your skin, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing nourishing cream every day.

Avoid peeling and rubbing with sponges or brushes to keep the desired color on the surface layer of the skin for as long as possible. Why? Because any mechanical action on the skin causes the removal of skin cells that are on the surface layer because human skin is thus regenerated and thus remains healthy.

But before each subsequent treatment or restoration of your color, be sure to do a peeling and rub the skin well and cleanse it of dead skin cells. Every way how to darken the skin can be successful and easy with proper preparation, application and maintenance. maintenance can therefore be achieved by applying a moisturizer to your skin to make it nourished, soft and full of life, more precisely to delay the formation of dead skin cells.

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