This is how DMC envisions the Lamborghini Revuelto

The Lamborghini Aventador is about to become obsolete, and its successor is rumored to be called the Revuelto. German tuner DMC has made a name for itself in the Lambo world, so it’s no surprise that their designers are already working on what the new car could potentially look like – including some of their DNA touches.

But first, let’s recap what we know about the car that’s supposed to replace the Aventador: Lamborghini is preparing a radical super-hybrid to replace the Aventador, and recent spy shots have given us a new look ahead of its expected unveiling later this year. It will become the first plug-in hybrid from Sant’Agata, setting the tone for electric power as Lamborghini prepares to end production of the flagship V12 engine, more than ten years after its launch. The brand stopped taking orders for the commemorative Ultimae Edition in October last year. Although its replacement will use an electrified powertrain, it will get most of its power from a V12 engine, in keeping with company boss Stephan Winkelmann’s commitment to the emotional value of its supercars.

DMC Lamborghini Revuelto

He said last year that there was “a lot of emotion attached” to the twelve-cylinder engine, something he is particularly aware of, having been involved in the launch of the Aventador in his first stint as Lamborghini boss in 2011.

DMC Lamborghini Revuelto

After the spy shots started spreading on the Internet, DMC didn’t wait a second and started imagining what the actual car might look like. While there are plenty of elements from the Siana, especially at the front end, the rear seems to be a completely new design.

We are proud to share with you here today a visualization of the German tuner, which mostly sticks to the design elements discussed above. But there’s one more thing, namely DMC couldn’t resist adding its iconic rear spoiler to the concept design. Few people have seen the actual car, with some owners confirming that the demo car will be shown at select dealers as early as December 2022. Until then, let’s use DMC’s design to imagine what could soon become a reality.