Twitter is finally showing previews for Instagram links

Twitter is finally showing previews for Instagram links

You don’t have to touch anymore Instagram link to Twitter-u to see what you get. Twitter has started introducing preview cards for Instagram links in its official apps and on the web. If someone shares an Insta post, you will see a thumbnail that you can expect when you tap that link. You may know if the photo is interesting to you without leaving the timeline on Twitter.

Twitter is finally showing previews for Instagram links
Twitter showing previews for Instagram links (Source: Twitter)


This move puts an end to a long-lasting quarrel. Instagram’s integration of photos with Twitter disappeared in 2012, and no social network has had a strong incentive to use review cards in the years since. Twitter would prefer to post photos directly to his service, while Instagram obviously has the motivation to keep you from using his platform whenever possible. These problems are obviously not a big problem at this stage.

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Although it is still not clear to us what prompted the two networks to make this decision, it is clear that the benefits will be mutual, and Twitter users will get the most.

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Twitter finally shows previews for Instagram links


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