YouTube will hide the number of dislikes for all videos

YouTube will hide the number of dislikes for all videos

Im not sure about this idea, many times I look for the dislikes of the video I’m about to watch, which in a way tells me if someone is fake or information in the video is not that valid. If harassers want to be mean they’ll do it in comments, dislike doesn’t mean you don’t like the person who made the video, just the video content.

YouTube-s experiment with hiding dislikes was obviously successful. The service is introducing a change that will make counting dislikes private for videos across YouTube. The button will still exist (and affect your recommendations), and the producers of that content can still see the number – you simply won’t see the numbers as a viewer.

Brand owned Google– is aware that some people used counting to make decisions about watching or not, but they thought that secret counting would help the community as a whole, reports Engadget. New and smaller authors are more often the target of dislike campaigns, YouTube said, and the test reduced that harassment. This move will theoretically create an “inclusive and respectful” space in which video creators will have a better chance of succeeding and feeling safe.

YouTube will hide the number of dislikes for all videos
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There is no guarantee that this benefit will reach every user, or that it will not encourage determined harassers to find alternatives. It’s also no secret that YouTube has its own motives as a victim of dislike attacks – just ask them about Rewind 2018. Anyway, this could discourage “accidental” abuse of the “I don’t like” button, not to mention companies of organized dislikers hoping to suppress videos that conflict with their views.

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source: Engadget

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