Spotify finally allows you to block other users

Spotify new feature allows you to block other users

I use Spotify quite often and after the option to Block an Artist You Don’t Like on Spotify  I found block someone on Spotify feature very useful.

Spotify it may not be the first service that comes to mind when you think of blocking other users. However, streaming app features may mean that someone you no longer share music with can still access your playlists or activities. Today, the company is massively updating the way you block another user on its platform, giving you the opportunity to do it yourself for the first time, reports Engadget. You used to have to contact customer support to get the job done, but now you can complete the task in the Spotify app from your desktop or mobile device.

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Users have been looking for a way to block others directly for some time. In 2018, the company marked the block function as a “good idea”, although it was not officially on the product roadmap and was not given a time frame for arrival. In 2019, Spotify began allowing users to block artists they never wanted to hear with the “Don’t play this artist” option. However, there was no option to prevent anyone else from whom you did not want to see your lists or listening history, unless you turned to the company for help.

Spotify finally allows you to block other users
Block other users on Spotify app (source: Spotify)


How to block someone on Spotify

To block someone on Spotify, simply visit their profile and click the button …. Select “Block” or “Block user” on your mobile phone and that person will no longer be able to access your site, public playlists or see your listening activity. As you might expect, there is an “Unblock” option if you ever change your mind.

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Spotify says the introduction of the direct blocking feature is part of its ongoing mission to provide users with the best experience they can, while fostering a secure environment for listening to music and podcasts. You can expect the new functionality to take effect this week.

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source: Engadget


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