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Video chat, live chats and online dating

Video chat and why decide on this model of online dating?

Today, dating apps are very popular in Croatia. Every girl sooner or later installed Bumble, and every guy tried his luck on Tinder. In a sea of ​​such applications, we have noticed one thing in common with all these applications – they work on a profile and correspondence scheme. While this is best for some to meet new people, others are fed up with such a model because they also notice their flaws. One of these drawbacks is the fact that such applications are full of fake or imageless profiles that do not inspire confidence at all. That is why we are using it more and more video chat apps that immediately throw us into a video call with people. We can say that video chat apps are actually the next step in dating online as they avoid that key flaw of conventional dating and dating apps. Do such applications have their drawbacks or are they the best that is currently offered? In this text we will compare live chat applications and typical ones!

Video chat - live chats and correspondence
Video chat, live chats and online dating (source: Pinterest)

Video chat apps or conventional apps? What is the advantage of some and what of others?

Although we said they were video chat applications the next stage in the evolution of such online applications, however, it should be said that a certain section of people do not like such a direct model of dating. Apps of this kind don’t give you much to choose who to talk to, but offer you the option to skip people you don’t want to talk to anymore, but for some it means a lot of skipping. Video chat apps, on the other hand, have the advantage that there are no fakes, and they’re also better when you’re looking for some extroverted individuals and want to find someone who isn’t afraid of their shadow and isn’t ashamed of their looks. We can say that video applications are closer to real or classic dating because first impressions are not created through words, but through the overall impression, just like in live dating. Apps like chat roulette or Lucky Crush apps are for those who want to get the full impression of another person right away, rather than corresponding and exchanging pictures first.

Video chat applications are closer to real, classic dating!

If you’ve tried classic online apps, then you may have come across individuals with whom it’s hard to make contact because you have nothing to talk about, even though you may have liked the person according to what he wrote in his profile or the pictures he posted on his profile. The fact is that it is difficult to present yourself in the full sense of the word through a profile and it may be easier for some to do so through a video call. Video chat applications are simply a special type of dating application that has its advantages. They bypass some of the flaws we encounter on ordinary online dating apps, but again, they may not be for everyone. If you think you prefer to get the full impression of the person you would meet later live, then they are video chat pages and applications of choice for you. If you think that such sites are too direct, try classic applications and find your love that way. One thing is for sure: online apps are the best choice for meeting people today and give you a lot more than classic dating. And they really save you time.

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