2022 Dacia Duster Extreme brings luxurious look and rich equipment at an affordable price

You can choose between three versions. There is 2022 Dacia Duster Extreme ECO-G 100 SUV petrol engine of 100hp equipped with gas installations, there is a Dacia Duster Extreme TCe petrol engine of 150hp and a Dacia Duster Extreme Blue dCi of 115hp. 

2022 Dacia Duster Extreme front side view
New 2022 Dacia Duster Extreme SUV (source: Dacia)


On the wings of the success from the previous year, Dacia decided to offer the market a new interesting option, which will certainly help them to remain at the top. The Romanian brand finished 2021 in an excellent fifth place, with 3010 registrations, of which more than half, 1679 to be precise, are related to the Duster model. Today, in theory, Dacia sells only two models.


Extreme is the name of a new special series, which is said to be limited in Dacia. In addition, the special feature of the new series is the details of the equipment, as well as the favorable price. Extreme continues with the richest Prestige equipment package, which has been further decorated. Thus, the outer part contains orange inserts on the front grille, mirror housings, roof racks as well as on the tailgate. Elegance and exclusivity are accentuated by black alloy wheels.

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2022 Dacia Duster Extreme side view
2022 Dacia Duster Extreme SUV (source: Dacia) 

Furthermore, orange details dominate in the passenger cabin as well. Thus, the fabric seat upholstery is further accentuated by orange stitching, while the air vents, center armrest, door trim and center console base are adorned with orange inserts.

2022 Dacia Duster Extreme front view
New Dacia Duster Extreme  2022 (source: Dacia) 


2022 Dacia Duster Extreme SUV specs

In addition to the already very rich Prestige equipment levels, such as automatic air conditioning, Media Nav Evolution multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen, elevated center console with two additional USB ports for rear seat passengers, Extreme brings more. In addition to the aforementioned black rims and additional USB sockets, a keyless card unlocking card is a great help, as well as a multi-angle camera system. This saves at least 600 euros (card and USB and cameras).

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2022 Dacia Duster Extreme rear view
Dacia Duster Extreme 2022 (source: Dacia) 

In case that is not enough for you, some additional payments are possible. So this winter is certainly very pleasant when you know that you have heated front seats (150 euros), and navigating in our neighborhood is easier with the cartography of the eastern part of Europe (105 euros). Also, instead of a kit for patching a punctured tire, it is possible to get a spare wheel for an additional charge of 160 euros.

2022 Dacia Duster Extreme interior view
New Dacia Duster Extreme interior (source: Dacia) 


Dacia Duster Extreme 2022 cost

A new Dacia Duster Extreme 2022 can be ordered now and you can choose between three options. Dacia Duster Extreme ECO-G 100 SUV costs $21,000 or around 19,000 euros is a combination of a petrol engine equipped with gas installations. It is a one-liter gasoline that has 100hp with the use of gas and is harnessed to a 6-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, there is a 1.3 TCe petrol engine of 150hp that comes with an EDC gearbox with a double clutch the price is around $25,000 or 22,000 euros for it. The top of the range is the 1.5-liter Blue dCi of 115hp, which costs  $26,000 or around 23,000 euros, and like the initial version, it comes with a manual transmission.

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Dacia Duster Extreme release date

You can pre-order a new 2022 Dacia Duster Extreme SUV since January 6th, 2022.

source: dacia

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