A new concept from Toyota showrooms

Toyota Motor Europe has unveiled a vision for the future of its European sales network at a new location in Eragni-sur-Oise, France. This confirms the key role of Toyota dealers in providing customers with an unsurpassed brand experience, making them increasingly mobile mobility companies.

Toyota’s approach is fully in line with its important mission “Beyond Zero”, thus providing an unforgettable experience for customers, responding to all their needs. The presentation of the new concept of exhibition space revives the new visual identity of the brand, with interior design organized around the “user center” – a living space where customers will communicate with the brand, both digitally and directly with sales professionals.

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A new concept from Toyota showrooms
A new concept from Toyota showrooms (source: toyota)

Specially designed spaces within the new sales environment include the company’s full range of products and services, from new Toyota cars, Toyota Gazoo Racing products, electric vehicles with bZ batteries, proven used vehicles, after-sales services and Kinto Mobility services. A range of different interactive, digital points provides customers with a personal experience in the salon, allowing them to explore many aspects of the brand and product range, as well as mobility solutions.

To complete their digital experience, customers will be able to meet with professional staff who will provide them with additional, personalized advice and assistance. All in all, the new exhibition space concept allows the seller to more easily fulfill customer requirements in accordance with their user experience, as well as delivery in accordance with special requirements.

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“Our new concept of exhibition space marks an important step towards achieving the goal of becoming the most electrified mobility brand of our customers’ choice. The new design of the shopping centers includes not only a new experience brought by the brand, but also a different way of working for our sellers. We put all our products and services under one roof, with vendors who will be at the heart of the new user experience. In this space, customers can complete their digital journey with an unforgettable experience on the spot, in a salon where our sellers provide real human contact. “

Didier Gambart, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience Division, Toyota Motor Europe

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source: toyota

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