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Android 13 “Tiramisu” version update upcoming features

Google has officially announced Android 12 and Android 12L versions a few months ago. Android 12 brings a major user experience upgrade with many new features and a complete overhaul of the design. Although Android 12 has not started to appear for most devices, Android 13 leaks have already begun to arrive.

XDA Developers Report reveals some new features that users will be able to see in Android 13. The code name for Android 13 is “Tiramisu”. The report comes with a few screenshots of the new features from Android 13. Although the launch of Android 13 is still too far away, here’s what we’ll see in Android 13.

App Languages

Google seems to be working on a feature codenamed “Panlingual” that will allow users to set a specific language for use in the app. For example, the user will be able to set the Chromium language for German and English for other applications and the system user interface. This feature will be useful for multilingual users who may prefer different languages ​​for different applications. The feature will be displayed as the “Application Language” which will be available in the “Languages ​​and Input” settings, but users will be able to access it from the “Application Information” screen. Android 13 will allow you to set different languages ​​for different applications.

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Android 13 "Tiramisu"
Android 13 “Tiramisu” (source: XDA Developers)

Runtime Permission for Notifications

Android apps could get runtime permissions in Android 13. Similar to camera and location services, Notifications will become a feature that can be turned on which means users will be able to change the permissions for notifications in the upcoming version of Android. Google could introduce this feature in an effort to reduce the continuous push notifications that apps send. Below are screenshots of this feature.


Android 13 "Tiramisu"
Android 13 “Tiramisu” (source: XDA Developers)

New lockscreen layout

Android 12 has added a new effect where the clock on the locked screen changes from a two-line look to a single-line one when notifications arrive. But users have asked Google to keep the look of one line, even ID notifications. Google could make this change on Android 13. According to a leaked report, Google will make a visual change on the lock screen. The new setting will allow users to keep the schedule in one line even if notifications arrive.

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Android 13 "Tiramisu"
Android 13 “Tiramisu” (source: XDA Developers)


The Android Resource Economy (TARE)

Users could see a new energy management feature called TARE on Android 13. TARE stands for “The Android Resource Economy” which focuses on energy management, with a feature that works through AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies. TARE will assign Android Resource Credits apps based on device battery levels and other factors. These applications can then use these credits to perform tasks.


Android 13 "Tiramisu"
Android 13 “Tiramisu” (source: XDA Developers)


It will be interesting to see all these new features on Android 13, but let’s first get Android 12, for starters.

Android 13 “Tiramisu” release date

As of this writing there is no official statement for the Android 13 “Tiramisu” update release date but it is expected sometimes in 2022.

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article source: xda-developers

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Android 13 Tiramisu Features Leaked; PanLingual, Lockscreen Clock Customization & More