Here's how to right-click to open the entire context menu in Windows 11 OS by default

How to View the Full Right click Menu by Default on Windows 11 OS

After more than six years of Windows 10, Windows users are now getting a big update on Windows 11. The latest iteration of Windows has received some of the biggest visual refreshments, with a centered Start menu and taskbar, rounded corners, and more. As part of the UI overhaul, Microsoft also delivered a modernized right-click context menu that is more concise than Windows 10.

How to View the Full Right click Menu by Default on Windows 11 OS
Full Right click Menu by Default on Windows 11 OS

Many seem to have liked the new minimalist approach, especially when you can still have the option to grab the oldschool extended menu by clicking the “Show more options” button at the bottom or using the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10. Others, however, find this very annoying because they have to make one extra mouse click every time they need access to additional options.

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If you recognize yourself in this second group and want to restore the old context menu by right-clicking on windows 11, then this mini guide is the right place for you. Note that Microsoft does not offer an official method for disabling the modern right-click context menu, but there is a native method that can give you full context menus in Windows 11 without using third-party software.

There is no need to modify any system files, which means that the method should work even after installing cumulative updates for Windows 11.

The Command-line in Win terminal

Open a Windows terminal using Windows PowerShell or the command line. You do not have to run it as an administrator, as the replacement will be set based on each user. Please note that you are doing this at your own risk.

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Copy and paste the following command into Windows Terminal, and then press Enter:

reg add “HKCU Software Classes CLSID 86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2 InprocServer32” / f / ve

The Command-line in Windows terminal
The Command-line in terminal

If all goes well, it should say “The Operation completed successfully”.

Close the Windows terminal.
Log out and log on again, or restart your computer for the new key to take effect. For more on this, or the graphical replacement process through Registry Editor, see Xda-developers.

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How to View the Full Right click Menu by Default on Windows 11 | Get Windows 10 Right-click Menu


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