BMW X2 sDrive 18d M Sport Review

The BMW X2 will make you completely forget that it is a crossover. It turns like on rails and that is something that is undoubtedly recognized as a member of the BMW family, although it has front-wheel drive and 182 mm ground clearance.

Yes, the front-wheel drive, more precisely the mechanical platform, is shared with the X1 and MINI Countryman models.

Of course, those who want all-wheel drive can opt for the xDrive version.

Cars of this power are usually quick around the city and on highways, while on the highway at higher road speeds they are left exhausted when intermediate acceleration is required. Not with X2.

The reaction to the throttle control is instantaneous, as with other BMW models. There is no waiting and hesitation; the engine and the great gearbox, which is always at the right speed, are responsible for that.

We always emphasize the great advantage of the BMW gear lever, which has a “sport” mode by moving to the left.

Then lower the speed or two lower, which we used not only for the maximum readiness for acceleration but also in situations when we want to break with the engine.

We also liked the fact that the “S” mode of the gearbox turns off the start-stop system. This was of great help to us when we saw that the stop would be very short, and it is not very convenient for us to ask for the button to turn off the start-stop system every time.

This way, we just move the gear lever to the left and the matter is resolved. When we start, we simply return it to the right, if we do not want a later change of speed provided by the “S” mode.

It should also be noted that the “S” position of the gear lever has nothing to do with the general “sport” mode, which together with the “eco” mode is selected via the button next to the gear lever.

It reduces the effect of power steering, the throttle control is even more sensitive and explosive, and the transmission shifts an extra gear-two lower, with an even later change and higher revs.

With this setting, the 150-horsepower X2 18d behaves as if it had 190.

We are aware that the word sport does not go exactly with this power, but BMW can seriously surprise us. By the way, the standard “comfort” mode provides a very early change of speeds, so that the tachometer pointer in the city is often at about 1100 rpm, which is a very low value for diesel.

The BMW machine doesn’t mind that at all, considering that it can pull very hard even from those revs, without changing gears.

Such adjustment also led to low consumption in the city, with an average of 5.2 l / 100 km of highway driving. Extreme city crowds hardly raise the average to more than 6.5 l / 100 km.

The BMW X2 is possibly the most beautiful of the smaller crossovers in the German manufacturer’s range. It is also recognizable by the fact that it is the only one with a sign on the C pillar.

The lower line of the roof really looks attractive, but, fortunately, it did not lead to a largely reduced space in the back.

Moreover, passengers of average height back have at least a few more centimeters of space above their heads, more than in the average hatchback of the C segment.

In addition to state-of-the-art technology, we can’t help but notice the highest possible quality of the exterior. The impression is that the manufacturer thanks every detail for every euro invested, and that is also something that other models cannot be compared to a real premium.

Even basic instruments, like a test sample, look expensive. When the engine is off, the instruments are completely black and look like the display is off. When the car starts, the numbers light up, with a great contrast that makes everything look like a big display again.

This solution is even very nice to us, considering that all BMW models have almost identical displays of virtual instruments, so analogs are a real refreshment. Yes, we already miss the invasion of digita.

BMW X2 sDrive 18d M Sport Interior

The BMW X2 is a real replacement for the classic C-segment hatchback. It offers slightly more space in the rear seats and the trunk compared to the new Series 1 but also increased ground clearance.

The driving dynamics did not suffer because of that, at least not to the extent that the average driver can feel in normal traffic conditions.

And that the car is special in lying in curves, which is felt even during a simple turn, it is.

The X2 sDrive 18d is just another proof that BMW is always BMW, even with front-wheel drive.

A really large number of partitions, small and large, are in charge of practicality.

The BMW X2 is like a second house on wheels, so you can easily create your own micro space.

Below the driver’s and front passenger’s elbows are two compartments, one of which is inside the armrest itself.

BMW X2 sDrive 18d M Sport Exterior

Although it may not seem big at first glance, the trunk is spacious and practical.

There is no classic partition at the bottom, but traditionally, instead of a spare wheel, there is a huge space under the floor.

The shelf, ie the floor is designed so that it can be kept in an open position.

BMW X2 sDrive 18d M Sport Engine

The word “sporty” and the power of 150 horsepower do not go exactly together, but in the case of BMW, this rule does not apply.

The “sports” mode really changes the character of the car, so the feeling behind the wheel is as if the car has much more power.

We haven’t tested the “Eco” mode, but already in the standard mode, the X2 can take the gearbox out of gear, to save fuel at idle.

If the radar sensor detects that you are approaching the vehicle in front of you, it will re-engage the transmission.

If you’re worried that the 18d isn’t powerful enough, believe me, it’s not the same BMW’s 150hp and 150hp from another manufacturer. That’s why we recommend a test drive to see for yourself.

BMW X2 sDrive 18d M Sport Specifications

Engine: displacement 1995 ccm, power 110 kW (150 HP) at 4000 rpm, max. o. torque 350 Nm at 1750-2500 rpm, automatic transmission, 8 gears

Dimensions: L / W / H 4360/1824/1526 mm, wheelbase. distance 2760 mm, ground clearance 182 mm, boot 470/1355 l, tank 51 l, weight 1535 kg, tires 225/45 R19

Performance: max. speed 207 km / h, acceleration 0-100 km / h 9.3 s, consumption 5.2 / 4.4 / 4.7 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions 124 g / km

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