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How to prevent weight gain at menopause?

Why does menopausal weight gain occur?

During the aging process, many women will find it increasingly difficult to maintain their weight from a young age. The very hormonal changes that are present during menopause create an even bigger problem here. The question is why? In the menopausal phase, the condition can appear as in pregnancy, there is an increased need for food intake. With an increased desire for food, estrogen decreases and disappears and a slowed down metabolism occurs. Menopausal weight gain is a normal occurrence, but it is also important to maintain a healthy weight and not indulge in the magic of weight gain.

Why is excess weight in menopause dangerous? By ingesting excess food into the body, the shape itself changes, creating fatty tissue around the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. The so-called hose around the abdomen is a sign of a drop in estrogen and a weaker metabolism. To reduce it weight gain at menopause it would be advisable to take care of calorie intake, which of course decreases with age. Only uncontrolled weight gain during menopause can be dangerous to a woman’s health, excess fat around the waist can increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or heart attack. The risk of breast cancer also increases.

How to balance hormones and prevent weight gain at menopause?

Weight change can occur even before menopause, more precisely it can occur in perimenopause where a woman can start gaining up to half a kilogram each year. While that doesn’t sound like much, over the years you suddenly have the extra pounds you think you’ve gained overnight. Tips for weight gain at menopause talk about how women should pay more attention to their body weight. We know the strategy of maintaining weight, watch how much you eat and it is important to get enough exercise.

How to prevent menopausal weight gain? Eat at least 3 meals a day, do not skip meals as this slows down your metabolism. Metabolism works best when there is something to digest. Eat smaller and more frequent meals, it would be advisable to have 3 main meals and 2 snacks, with frequent meals your blood sugar level is more stable which means there is no weight gain. Eat calories wisely, the older a woman’s body gets, the more muscle she loses and the less calories she needs.

Monitor your daily calorie intake and initially reduce your daily consumption by only 200 calories. Eat as much protein as possible, protein keeps muscle mass moving gradually. Get enough fruits and vegetables, fiber as well as minerals and vitamins are necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. Slow down weight gain by exercising, exercising up to 5 times a week for up to half an hour to stay fit. Get rid of unnecessary stress and insomnia, dedicate yourself to relaxing and enjoying your time.

Weight gain in menopause
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Is menopausal weight gain normal?

We know that menopause is a natural process in every woman’s life. Like any process before, menopause will bring with it a variety of changes that can be both positive and negative. Menopause is different for every woman, because of course every woman is different. In most women, we can notice that there are characteristic changes associated with menopause. Is menopausal weight gain normal? Over the years, many women will notice that it is getting harder and harder to take care of their optimal body weight.

Most women will definitely gain a few extra pounds during menopause, this is related to hormonal changes and the normal aging cycle of the body. The percentage of muscle mass starts to decrease, the percentage of fat tissue increases while the metabolism starts to work slower. All of the above will result in weight gain, but that doesn’t mean this is a problem. Weight gain in menopause can be kept under control with healthy and proper living habits. Proper and varied diet, daily physical activity and proper sleep pattern can do wonders for an organism going through changes.

source: healthline

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