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How to lose 5 kg of weight in a healthy way

How to lose 5 kg in a healthy way?

Have you ever been unattended for a few weeks and have already gained a few pounds or just want to get rid of a few extra pounds? All right, there are ways you can lose 5 pounds quickly and efficiently. First of all, get rid of any radical diets from your plan and program in how to lose 5 kg. Radical diets can bring rapid weight loss but after stopping their implementation the pounds also return. How to lose weight 5 kg in a healthy way? Simply!

Set a goal first, make a diet plan with healthy foods and set aside at least 30 minutes to exercise a day. Permanent weight loss can only be achieved with a healthy diet, exercise and small sins. With a good diet plan and commitment to exercise, it is possible to lose 5 pounds in a healthy way in as little as 4 weeks. The recipe is very simple, if you slowly lose weight, they do not return immediately after the end of the regime. Fast diets guarantee losing 5 pounds in as little as 3 days, but what’s negative is the quick return of those same pounds when you get off the diet.

How to lose 5 kg and what does a diet plan for weight loss look like?

Healthy weight loss also means a change in eating habits. First of all, it is important to emphasize that you need to drink a lot of water here, up to 3 liters of water a day. It is important to take in carbohydrates in the morning, and before the night fasting, the body should be supplied with glucose. Bread, muesli, fruit – all of the above are allowed. You can eat almost anything for lunch. How’s that? During the day, the body is mostly active and undergoes the processing of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A walk after lunch is recommended as it will improve metabolism.

Dinner is reserved for protein, the ideal choice is a salad or cooked vegetables. The earlier dinner will give the body more time to break down fat. Process how to lose weight 5 kg it doesn’t have to be monotonous and a little painful. Have fun cooking healthy and easy and notice the differences as early as the first week. Of course, it is important to eliminate empty carbohydrates and processed foods such as snacks and sweets, but they are allowed in small doses purely to fix your day. There is an opinion that the question of how to lose 5 kg is reserved only for rigorous children, but the truth is quite different.

How to lose 5 kg of weight in a healthy way
How to lose 5 kg of weight in a healthy way (source: Pinterest)

Tips on how to lose 5 kg?

The following tips on how to lose weight 5 kg can help speed up the healthy weight loss process: Replace foods made of white and plain flour with integral, it will keep you full longer. Buy low-fat dairy products. Do not avoid eating meat, eat roasted and cooked meat at least twice a week with salads or cooked vegetables. Don’t forbid yourself sweet or fast food, just watch your intake ratio. Eat slowly and chew food well before swallowing. Keep a diet diary and change the healthy foods you cook so that the menu doesn’t become too monotonous.

If you have a certain desire for food, it is best to go for a walk or divert your thoughts by doing something else. Cross out the alcohol, try to get rid of it completely. What matters in the whole process how to lose weight 5 kg is: Don’t be stressed about losing weight, don’t eat too much sugar, drink liquids other than water or tea, don’t weigh yourself every day, don’t starve. You can speed up the whole weight loss process if you also engage in physical activity. Find a sport that suits you and stick to it.

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