How to become a football coach

How to become a football coach

Do you know how to become a football coach?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. He is also the most lucrative. Precisely because of this, we should not be surprised by the fact if you have ambitions to become a football coach and if you are wondering how to become a football coach. Whether you coached football in your youth, or gained experience in another way and there is a desire in you to coach a young team and lead them to success, we want to congratulate you on your courage.

You need to follow your dreams and below we will help you in a way to explain how to become a football coach. Becoming a football coach is not an easy task. First you need to have some experience and knowledge about a game called football. You will probably need to become an assistant coach first and soak up the skills the coach has in order to one day come to the position of head coach. Also, you will probably start coaching some lower league players and gradually progress. In addition, we recommend that you read some of the best books written on how to become a coach.

Here’s how to become a football coach with the help of these tips

As with any goal, achieving the goal of becoming a football coach requires a clear visualization of success and writing all the goals and steps. The person who writes down their goals and the way they will achieve the goal has greatly increased their chances of achieving that goal. You should do exactly the same procedure if you want to become a football coach. First of all, no one will hire you as a coach if you have no experience, neither coaching nor playing, so hopefully you already own some of the above. If you really don’t have experience, it would be wise to start volunteering as a coach and gain knowledge and experience that way.

How to become a football coach
How to become a football coach (source: Pinterest)


When you have gathered enough experience and when you are confident that you can take over the position of coach, apply for the desired position. Know that the job of a coach involves a variety of skills, so not only knowledge of football but also sports psychology and leadership skills that must be possessed by anyone who is interested how to become a football coach.

How to become a football coach through a football academy

In the previous chapters, we described how to become a football coach and the advice given relates to levels of competition that are not senior or international. At a higher level, such as the level at which the world’s biggest clubs play, you must have the appropriate license to be a coach. To get a license. you have to finish football academy. Existing licenses are: UEFA PRO License, UEFA A, B and C License. You can find out more about it online, but in short it’s about licenses depending on the level of competition you can attend.

Your path as a football coach will probably look like you have to finish football academy first, then gain experience in the county league, and then gradually progress to the first league. Depending on your successes, which are the main feature of your coaching CV, you can reach the biggest clubs. If you know how to become a football coach You must also keep in mind the fact that the coaching job involves a lot of traveling trips, so you will not always be able to be home for your family. 

How to become a football coach

Here are four steps you can follow to become a football coach:

1. Earn a degree
2. Develop your skills
3. Obtain first aid and CPR certifications
4. Gain experience

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How to become a professional football coach