An unfinished mission for Far Cry 6 was accidentally launched, a repair on a PC requires the download of 54 gigabytes

An additional mission for Far Cry 6, starring Danny “Machete” Trejo, appeared ahead of time, so Ubisoft quickly removed it from the game.

far cry 6 game bugs
Far cry 6 game bugs (source: Ubisoft)

A somewhat unusual situation was recorded this week in Far Cry 6. Players were recently given an additional mission by Danny x Dani Vs. Everybody in which he is a guest acting charismatic Danny Trejo. That mission was announced even before the game came out – but for the 12th month, not the 11th. Ubisoft quickly responded and said that it was a confusion and that the content was currently under development. So they withdrew it from circulation and promised to deliver it later.

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The good news is that with the update that removes that mission came several fixes and novelties. Daily and weekly challenges have been added, and a new special operation arrives on November 9th Los Tres Santos. A lot of bugs have been fixed and the game’s performance has been improved, which you can find out more about on the official forum.

Bad news? If you have a slower internet, this update will take you a long time. It will weigh close to 54 gigabytes on a PC, although there is a chance that it will shrink while update be completed. It’s on consoles update already available and a little less data is downloaded there – about 20 gigabytes.

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