Samsung wants to double its 2022 flip phone shipments.

Samsung wants to double its 2022 Galaxy Z Flip phone shipments.

According to analyst firm UBI Research and reports Korean The Elec, the Korean manufacturer wants to double production of folding OLED panels next year.

It is currently said that it will Samsung produce 8.1 million panels in 2021. That should turn into about 8 million shipped folding phones. The utilization rate of assembly lines is reported to be around 80 to 90%, which could result in a smaller number.

Samsung wants to double its 2022 flip phone shipments.
Galaxy Z Flip 3 (source: Samsung)

Doubling the production of foldable OLED screens to 18 million should turn into about 14 to 16 million foldable phones produced next year. Branch Samsung Display called Dowoo Insys is a company that processes the Ultra-Thin Glass cover required for the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold devices supplied by SCHOTT Germany. It has been announced that Samsung will set up more production lines to double production capacity. UBI Research also says that the delivery of folding panels could reach 49 million units in 2025.

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Galaxy Z Fold 3 (source: Samsung)

Increased production of folding panels will also allow Samsung Display to sell them to other phone manufacturers. It is stated that Chinese manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and Vivo, want to purchase Samsung panels for their own folding devices. Rumors that Google and Apple want to add a foldable phone to their offer are also circulating, and Samsung is an obvious choice for the screen supplier.

This year, the Korean phone maker has been very aggressive as far as its switch strategy is concerned. Instead of announcing the successor to the Galaxy Note 2020, it opted for a major release of new foldable phones.

In August, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Both phones offered significant improvements in their folding screen technology and more attractive prices. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is praised for its versatility and support for the S Pen, while the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a favorite for its looks and pocket size.

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It is not clear whether Samsung will expand its line of 2022 folding phones. An even more affordable folding phone for the masses could be on the horizon. The company is already a leader in this category of devices and such a move could only further increase its advantage. It is also a leader in manufacturing with 91% of all collapsible OLEDs in 2021 produced by Samsung Display.

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