The new boss says users will have to pay for Twitter

The new boss Elon Musk says users will have to pay for Twitter

Ilona Mask’s greatest power seems to be in his ability to shock the audience. After deliberately or unintentionally provoking Twitter users with their statements and insisting on freedom of speech, any subsequent unofficial information only adds fuel to the fire, which is increasingly flaring up about the current situation with this social network.

Elon Musk continues with his hike on Twitter and making money from their own, still unfinished acquisitions and that, no less and no more, than charging for the use of this social network for certain categories of users. To emphasize, this has nothing to do with Twitter Blue, the premium version of this social network that users pay to be the first to get access to all the latest features.

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No, Elon just wants your money, or theirs, and he wants it as soon as possible. The idea is to introduce a small subscription for all commercial users, as well as users from the government segment who want to advertise on the Twitter network. Standard users, then, can take a break, at least for now, writes Mashable.

How did we come to this conclusion? Well, Elon Musk decided to be prosaic and cryptic as always, so he posted a tweet of content “In the end, the fall of the Freemasons came as a result of free stone carving.”. Yes, it wasn’t very clear to us either until he clarified with “Twitter will forever be free for standard users, but there may be some subscriptions for users from the commercial and government sectors.”.

However, this would not be the first time that Elon Musk was too fast on his own Twitter trigger and that he published something before he thought about it. At the end of April, they wanted everyone who subscribes to Twitter Blue in the amount of $3 a month to have a stamp on their profile that would mark them as premium users. Not long after, he deleted that tweet.

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Whether billing or not, the fact is that change will happen. At this moment, everything is in the rank of speculation, so we cannot give a final judgment on what exactly will happen. But we have no doubt that Musk will not miss the opportunity to surprise or shock. After all, it’s all show business.

source: Mashable

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