Why garlic is good

Why garlic is good, benefits

Why is garlic good and what are benefits?

Today, there is almost no person who is not familiar with garlic and its benefits to our health. Garlic, better known as garlic, can be described as a plant that has a strong and intense, slightly annoying taste, and that is why it is known in the world of cuisine and medicine. Allicin is the main ingredient in garlic, which contains exceptional antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic and antioxidant effects.

Garlic came into our lives from Central Asia, and as such it is one of the oldest plants in the world, as evidenced by research that states that garlic has been grown for over 5,000 years. The first to start growing garlic were the Egyptians, who considered garlic to be a sacred plant and its remains were found in the tombs of many pharaohs.

The Egyptians also knew why garlic was good, they would give it to their slaves to restore their strength and make them resistant to disease. Why garlic is good both Greek and Roman soldiers who consumed it before the battle knew how to increase their endurance. The cultivation of garlic dates back to the sixth century when it began to be cultivated in India and China where it is still known today as a plant with medicinal properties. For hundreds of years, garlic has been a favorite plant of many peoples.

Why garlic is good, benefits
Why garlic is good, benefits (source: Pinterest)


Why is garlic good and how to consume it properly?

Garlic is certainly one of the most powerful plants in the world today. Although it is often on our table, we often use it as a medicine. How to properly consume garlic? Prior to consumption, it would be advisable to crush it to induce a reaction in which allicin is formed which has the above effects. Garlic is best consumed raw without heat treatment.

Many of us just use it as an addition to dishes, how to properly process garlic? If we heat garlic and put it in a certain dish, then its heat treatment must be short, just a few minutes is enough. We should eat at least 3 cloves of garlic a day so that our body gets all the benefits it brings.

The fact is that today many people avoid consuming garlic because of its intense smell, but sometimes you should discard the above and remember all the benefits of why garlic is good. Of course, there are certain tricks that can help you get rid of bad breath caused by garlic. After consuming, you can get rid of bad breath by chewing parsley leaves, consuming coffee or lemonade.

We know why garlic is good, but does its consumption bring with it certain side effects? Since garlic is an extremely healthy food, no side effects occur. Today, garlic is also recommended for pregnant women who are extremely sensitive. Unfortunately there are people who are allergic to garlic. People who have a sensitive stomach should be careful when consuming garlic.

Why is garlic good and why do we like to consume it in winter?

Garlic is certainly an ideal food for long and cold winter days. Why garlic is good, more precisely why most consume it in winter? Winter is a period when flu, colds and viruses rule, which can damage our health and immunity. Garlic is certainly the cheapest and most natural way to defend ourselves from the above. In winter, it is recommended to eat 2-3 cloves of garlic to strengthen immunity and reduce the possibility of infection.

Once upon a time, people used to squeeze up to a few cloves of garlic during the winter and leave them in space, garlic also works in the air, more precisely it attracts bacteria and viruses. In Greece, you can still hear the name “Stinky Rose” for garlic. We know that garlic is a plant that has its own benefits for our body, so do not avoid consuming it just based on its smell.

Garlic is a real gift of nature, today it is really rare that a plant has so many positive effects on our body. Why is garlic good? To reiterate, garlic contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic and antioxidant effects that help us maintain our health. Be a true friend to your body and try to eat at least one clove of garlic every day.

Top 10 benefits of garlic

  1. Better Blood Pressure
  2. Lower Cholesterol
  3. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  4. Garlic for Colds and Flu
  5. Garlic Fights Bacteria and Boosts the Immune System
  6. Garlic Promotes Detox
  7. Improved Memory
  8. Super Skin and Stronger Bones
  9. Better Athletic Performance
  10. Detoxify Heavy Metals in the Body

source: healthline

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Eat Garlic Every Day, And See What Happens to You