How to choose running shoes

How to choose running shoes

Here’s how to choose running shoes

Do you like to run? Do you enjoy that activity, the feeling when you feel that pleasure while running, that sweet tiredness and the feeling of success? Then you know that a key piece of equipment is definitely running shoes. Do you know how to choose running shoes?

There is a whole science around choosing the right sneakers, and we will try to make this process easier and closer to you. You already know that the first criterion when choosing sneakers will be their price, and you know that quality sneakers can reach up to 1500 kn. We don’t know what level of competition you are at, but you shouldn’t overdo it when choosing such expensive sneakers if you’re not on a professional level. Still, you might want to invest a little over $ 200 for sneakers that will serve you for an activity you care so much about. After determining the price range within which you can move, there are some other very important tips about it how to choose running shoes. More on that below!

What should you look out for if you are wondering how to choose running shoes?

When running, your foot will be in almost constant contact with the ground, and the force of the foot’s impact on the ground will be transmitted to the rest of your body. You will take several thousand steps when running, so the strength of the force and the way it is transmitted to the foot should be controlled to make your form of running as good as possible, and thus reduce muscle fatigue, fatigue and injuries. Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose running shoes you need to know that everyone’s foot is different so there is no universal answer.

How to choose running shoes
How to choose running shoes (source: Pinterest)


To know how to choose running shoes you must know that there are generally three types of feet: a neutral foot without deformities, then a lowered foot that leads to pronation when running, and a third type of foot that occurs supination when running, but this type is very rare. In pronation, the outer part of your knee will be loaded, while in supination, the inner part will be loaded. You can avoid this by choosing appropriate sneakers and insoles.

How to choose sneakers for running by brand?

When choosing sneakers we cannot remain immune to the brands and the meaning that those brands have in our heads and our consciousness. We learned from an early age that certain brands are better and of better quality than others and it is hard for us to ignore these insights when wondering how to choose running shoes. Such behavior is not wrong, because brands are rightly reputed to be quality, because it means that there are a large number of satisfied customers over the years. However, in this article, we would like to invite you to pay attention to the composition of the sneaker, and not so much to the brand.

Some sneakers have gel inserts that are more deserving of better cushioning, some have boost foam, some have loft foam bottoms. Once you find out what type of foot you have, you need to choose the inserts, ie the composition of the sneaker depending on your foot. Also, if you are wondering how to choose running shoes, you need to have an impression of what kind of surface you want to run on, because the soles of sneakers are different

Tips for choosing the right running shoe

  • Choose a running-specific shoe
  • Make sure it fits properly
  • Go to a running specialty store
  • Get the right type of shoe
  • Know your feet and stride
  • Test them out
  • Buy them in the evening
  • Don’t shop based on looks
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