Libido - increase and decrease libido in women and men

How to increase libido in women and men

Libido and why libido decreases

What controls your sexual desire and urge for sexual activity can be the intertwining of social, psychological, biological, cultural influences and causes. All of these factors affect your urge for sexual activity and affect your libido.

Disturbed factors that affect your sexual desire can stem from drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression, stress, stimulation of the senses of any kind, religious customs and regulations, various diseases, qualities and duration of love affair, menopause, weakness, past in who has had any form of sexual abuse, life circumstances, consumption of certain medications, and the mental state you are in.

Loss of libido in women and men is a problem that can occur in both sexes equally. It is often associated with problems with the partner, the amount of fatigue and stress. The desire for sexual activity varies from person to person, but if you feel that your libido is reduced and that it affects your relationship in a love affair or that you generally have a problem, do not be afraid to seek help.

How to increase libido in women and men
How to increase libido in women and men (source: Pinterest)


Libido and connection with a person’s mental state

If you have any problems in your life or a greater amount of stress, it is normal that your libido is not at its peak. In this case, the most normal occurrence is the lack of desire for sexual activity and the will to do so in general. Also, any psychological problem such as anxiety, depression or any kind of lethargy, most often results in lethargy and lack of will to perform daily duties, it is understood that as a result there is a lack of libido.

If you do not get enough sleep or if you do not have moderate physical activity that your body needs to function normally, it greatly affects your libido and desire for sexual activity. Also, if you live in such conditions that you never have your privacy or if you are simply not present in your love relationship, it all affects your mental state, but also the urge to have sex. Try to talk about all this with your partner in order to find a common cause, but also a solution to this problem and stimulate your sexual desire.

How libido works properly

There is no testing to determine too much or too little libido. In general, the desire for sexual activity and sexual urge is an item that, with its reduced or increased intensity, can affect you and your sexual activity, as well as your partner. If you are in a love affair and you agree with your partner on the frequency of sexual intercourse and that time limit suits you and no one in the relationship cares, then there is no problem.

While you may have a discussion of what is acceptable and why, the worst thing is that you don’t talk about it at all and don’t solve the problem that exists. If you think you have a problem of a physical or mental nature, more specifically you think you need treatment in any way, contact your doctor.

Many diseases and conditions can lead to decreased sexual desire. Also, ask your doctor if the medications you are taking have an effect on your libido and consult your doctor about it. If your problem is hormonal in nature, you can solve it by taking medications that restore the desire for sexual activity.

10 tips on how to increase libido

  1. Try eating certain fruits
  2. Try eating chocolate
  3. Take your daily herbs
  4. Take a tip from Africa
  5. Boost your self-confidence
  6. Stick to one glass of wine
  7. Take time to meditate and relieve stress
  8. Get plenty of sleep
  9. Build trust in your relationships
  10. Consult a doctor
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Foods that boost libido instantly

  1. Oysters
  2. Bee Pollen
  3. Salmon
  4. Nuts and seeds
  5. Apples
  6. Beets
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Dark Chocolate
  9. Ginger
  10. Coffee

source:  healthline

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Boost Your Libido Naturally