Volkswagen has to pay $ 3.5 million in Illinois lawsuits

The “Volkswagen” American branch will pay 3.5 million dollars according to the lawsuit of the federal state of Illinois against the German car manufacturer, due to the falsification of the results on the tests of measuring exhaust gases in diesel vehicles.

Last month, the US Supreme Court rejected Volkswagen’s intention to avoid similar lawsuits by officials in Utah, Florida and Ohio, seeking compensation from the German car manufacturer in connection with the exhaust scandal, reports Reuters.

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Volkswagen has to pay $ 3.5 million in Illinois lawsuits (source: VW)

Judges then declined to hear appeals from Volkswagen and German carmaker Robert Bosch against a lower court decision allowing Hillsborough County, Florida and Utah’s Salt Lake District to demand that companies comply with local laws and regulations prohibiting unauthorized emissions controls. vehicle exhaust.

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The court also rejected the company’s appeal against a similar verdict in a case initiated by the state of Ohio.

Volkswagen’s US subsidiary claims that according to US environmental law, only the federal government can file such claims.

The company stressed that it has already reached a settlement of more than 20 billion dollars with the US Environmental Protection Agency due to the scandal with equipping diesel vehicles with software that enabled falsification of results in exhaust gas measurement tests, which allowed excessive air pollution, consumer fraud and harmed their health.

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