What is utp cable

What is an UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable?

What is utp cable and how does it work?

The answer to the question of what a utp cable is is very simple. Ethernet utp cable is made of copper which is primarily used in telephone wiring and local internet industry, known as LAN. There are five types of utp cables in the industry, each with its own specific characteristics. The utp cable itself is constituted of four crossed pairs of copper wires, which are protected by a plastic sheath. First, the pairs are twisted separately, and then the twisted pairs are twisted around each other.

This design of Ethernet utp is designed to reduce eavesdropping and electromagnetic interference, which can worsen the performance of the network. To make it easier to identify each twisted pair, they are painted in different colors. The colors that are mostly used are: blue, orange, green, brown or gray, and they are paired with one of the colors from the second group, which consists of colors: white, red, black, yellow or purple. Read more about utp cable below to expand your knowledge of what utp cable is.

What is utp cable and how is its quality measured?

Read this section and learn how to measure the quality of utp cable and thus expand your knowledge of what utp cable is. The quality of utp cable has a big impact on its use. Category 1 cables have a speed of 1 megabit per second or Mbps and cannot be used in telecommunications. Utp quality cables 2, 3 and 4 are used in telecommunications and low speed internet networks.

What is an UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable?
What is an UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable (source: Pinterest)

Utp cables of category 5 have a speed of 100 Mbps in a two-pair configuration. Utp cables of quality category 6 have a speed of 10,000 Mbps. Category 5 cables are most commonly used in regular household networks, while Category 6 cables are more specific for high-speed networks between servers. The order of the wires in the telephone connector varies depending on the use of the utp cable. There are two types of wiring, straight and cross. The quality of utp cable is measured based on the amount of megabits transmitted per second. Below we bring you additional information on what a utp cable is.

What is utp cable and what is STP cable?

In the telecommunications and internet industries, STP cable is also used at the same time, so in addition to using utp cable, you should also know what STP cable is. STP cables also operate on the basis of paired pairs of wires, but they also contain electrically conductive aluminum foil, vaporized metal foil or metal “braid”. This additional part makes the main difference between UTP and STP cables. With utp cable, the sheath and its mechanical equipment protect the four twisted pairs from the inside from external influences.

Utp cables up to category 6 are relatively simple in design which makes them more flexible than STP cables. Due to the above facts, network administrators around the world mostly choose ethernet utp cables. Also, utp cables are cheaper and easier to handle than STP cables. Now that you know the basics of what a utp cable is and what its features are, you can find additional information that interests you online. You can also contact your telecom operator for more information.

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