Apex Legends: Escape trailer

Apex Legends: Escape Release Date, Trailer

Apex Legends: Escape Release Date

The Legends are taking a vacation and they’re ready for some fun in the sun…or at least, they think they are. Plan your getaway when Apex Legends: Escape launches on November 2, 2022. (source: YouTube)

I’m quite impressed about the evolution of the animation over years, and with all the effort they put into the impression of Mirage and the movement.

Apex Legends: Escape trailer
Apex Legends: Escape (source: YouTube)

The details are incredible where everyone makes landing noises but Horizon is silenced due to her passive.

Apex Legends: Escape Battle Pass Price:

Based on previous battle passes, expect to pay around 1000 Apex coins to unlock the Escape battle pass which is around $10.

Apex Legends: Escape Ash (source: PC Invasion)

I actually love this trailer I don’t mind watching it over and over.

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Ashes to Ash”

Apex Legends: Escape Launch Trailer

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