bmw demonstrates color-changing ix at ces side view

BMW iX SUV demonstrates body color-changing at CES

So far, the new BMW SUV iX has been known primarily for its accentuated front grille with huge “kidneys”, but now it has attracted the attention of the public with its extremely fast and attractive color change.

If as children, in the 1980s, you played with cars that were a major hit at the time – those that changed color depending on the outside temperature – then this BMW model will take you back directly to your childhood. Namely, the German car manufacturer delivered its new iX model, a new generation electric SUV, to CES in Las Vegas, which attracted a lot of attention last year with its oversized “kidneys” on the front grille.

bmw ix color change grey front side view
BMW ix color change grey (source: BMW) 
bmw ix color change white front side view
BMW ix color change white (source: BMW)


It’s white now, it’s gray now

Now, however, BMW is drawing attention to this model with stunning technology – actively changing body color thanks to the electrophoretic technology found in E Ink. The color change was demonstrated and recorded by visitors’ cameras, so very quickly the footage began to go viral on the Internet. And how could it not, when the entire BMW SUV changes color at the touch of a button in the cabin. 

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bmw demonstrates color-changing ix at ces side view
BMW demonstrates color-changing ix at ces (source: BMW)


In the footage, we see the car turn dark from white in the blink of an eye, and then gradually, in waves, return to white, almost as if it were a computer animation. BMW does not reveal any details about this technology, and Las Vegas eyewitnesses report that the outer coating is reportedly very sensitive to temperature changes, so BMW has a spare in addition to this concept, in case too much heat or cold prevents it from changing color.

The ability of this technology is best to see for yourself through a short video posted on Twitter:


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source: BMW

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